Welcome to My Wall!

Hello my dears, I've been having an on and off relationship with social media for the past couple of years, testing different approaches and paying attention to myself – but we're talking here mostly Facebook, as it was the Big Bad Wolf for me – from how much time I was spending using it, how [...]

Blue Eyes

I've been having rich dreams for as long as I can remember and lately they became even more interesting and beautiful, so my mama suggested I write them down on the blog, 'cause who knows? Maybe there's a purpose to all of this. I decided to name this dream "Blue Eyes", because the memory of [...]

October Falls

Hello you guys, I know I've been absent lately, but Life just kind of needed me, and my body asked me to slow down. With this post, I just wanted to let you know what's been going on lately, and then I'll write some more on each topic, as the Angels will guide me on [...]