October Falls

Hello you guys,

I know I’ve been absent lately, but Life just kind of needed me, and my body asked me to slow down. With this post, I just wanted to let you know what’s been going on lately, and then I’ll write some more on each topic, as the Angels will guide me on what to write next.

  • This month I spent the night over at my friend’s house, right a day after watching Netflix’s ‘Atypical’ episode with Sam’s sleepover, and the timing felt so cute to me. I don’t like spending the night outside my home, especially not without notice.
  • I started taking dance lessons and I love the dancing part, but I am having difficulties with the ‘people’ part of this, because even our coach is silently treating me differently because I am ‘fat’, and it’s something very hard to swallow. I wanted to quit after every class, but I am now successfully going on my 8th session, and I don’t want to quit anymore, I just want to work harder and I started practicing at home every afternoon as well.
  • Since being back in City #1, I am finding it difficult (once again) to make the time to write every day, because everything here is so cluttered and unorganized, that it overwhelms me and I can’t find my organized, clean spot where I could write in silence. I am aware that it’s a work in progress and everything is different when you live with another person in the same house, but this is something I am still struggling with, to make the time to write, or to take a hot bath in peace.
  • I was gone for about four months from this home, and my mama is not an organized person. She is very good at her job and thrives in other areas in her life, but not when it comes to cleaning the house and keeping things organized and in place. So now I have to do everything on my own, all over again, because I cannot live in this mess, and I am a bit confused and under-motivated, thinking that maybe I’ll clean and organize the house for nothing. Because until we don’t find a way for her to learn how to keep the order, I feel like I am doing it all for nothing, ’cause she’ll just misplace everything all over again. (So, I’m overwhelmed by this issue too…)
  • I love that I am sticking to my dancing routine, but I miss my writing and the baking.
  • I love that I’m off social media for so many months now, and it has given me a whole new perspective on life, on blogging and how I want to do things with integrity and purpose.
  • I am thinking that, maybe, for the first time, I’ll document my planning and process of cleaning and organizing our home, although I am a bit doubtful about this. Does the world really need another girl who talks about cleaning her house…? I don’t know what to do about it, because I feel that I have to do this (as I am being guided to write about it), but I’m still having these second thoughts about it…
  • I am also having some wonderful dreams lately, so my mama suggested to write them on the blog as stories. It actually sounds exactly like what the Angels told me to do, who are desperately sending me messages through cards and numbers to start writing and trusting my intuition, but it seems to me that those past lives when I was persecuted for my gifts are still so vivid inside of me, that I get scared to write all over again.
  • I am totally in love with doTERRA essential oils, and lately, these guys and my crystals are my best ‘medicine’ for sleepless nights and anxieties. (I would love to write about my experiences with essential oils and crystals!)
  • On one of our recent trips, I have discovered a lovely radio station (unfortunately, this one is available only on the app). It’s called ‘Coffee Music’ and it’s from Antenne Bayern. I listen to it everyday and it brings me so much peace, but also good taste rhythms and exceptionally good quality of music.

I am feeling, especially this month, that everything that we (I’m talking about mama and I) no longer need, no longer resonate with is falling away, leaving us. It is a time of cleaning and cleansing, of detoxing inside out, of letting go; a time of decluttering and renewal. Everything we are now ready to let go of falls away this October and returns into the Universe, as we make room for something new and exciting.

Please be safe and take good care of your heart.
‘Til next time,

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