Welcome to My Wall

Hello my dears,

I’ve been having an on and off relationship with social media for the past couple of years, testing different approaches and paying attention to myself – but we’re talking here mostly Facebook, as it was the Big Bad Wolf for me – from how much time I was spending using it, how I was spending my time on the platform, the drive behind my behavior, and the purpose of my postings. Finally, after such a journey, I decided to quit altogether. At first, I said it was only going to be for a month or so, but after that month passed… I love my life so much right now, that I would not trade this life for the one I was living back when I was consuming Facebook all day everyday!

In May this year I told my closest friend I was quitting Facebook and I requested her e-mail address, so we’ve been corresponding on e-mail ever since (she lives abroad and I miss her so much). It’s such a difference, the experience of writing an e-mail, of actually reading what my friend wrote and actually replying in my own time, thinking before pressing “Send” and being more present in my writing, without distractions and constant pop-ups, the annoying pointless notifications. And this is also a bit nostalgic to me, thinking about the good ol’ days when people were actually writing letters to each other, getting ink on their fingers, feeling the texture of the paper pressing against their thumbs…

But I still have some short thoughts I’d like to share with you throughout the day or the week, without stressing myself about coming up with a relatable photo to post the text on Instagram. So, I thought I’d make a Wall cameo here on the blog, a special category just for the Wall-like posts, a food-for-thought Timeline (as a tribute to my old pal Facebook).

This is what this category of posts is about and I thought I’d let you know what is the purpose of having a Timeline with shorter posts here on blog, so welcome to my Wall!

Just to state things clearly, this is my current status with Facebook:

  • I don’t have the apps (Facebook + Messenger) installed on any of my devices (smartphones, tablet, etc.)
  • I am not logged in on Facebook on any of my devices (from the browser)
  • I don’t know my Facebook password by heart. I have it written down somewhere and I type it by hand every time, only when I consciously log in to check something out, to search for a specific topic or answer in my groups, to check the page of an event I want to attend to, to look up the page of a business or blog I am interested in, to read articles or watch videos I am interested in from links my mama sends to me
  • I don’t post on Facebook (pictures, text, share, etc.)
  • At this moment, I only use Facebook to check in once in a while on the groups I am a member of, as those are some good quality groups I truly cherish
  • I don’t even have a Profile Picture, Cover Picture, or information made public about me

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