My Teachers, My Life Lessons

Hello my dears,

in this category I’ll share my life lessons with you. Maybe the fact that most fascinates me about Life, is how she gives us opportunities to grow and expand in so many moments during a day, each and every day – if we pay attention to the signals – and oh, how much I like to live my life with my eyes wide opened, always searching for the deeper meaning and the lessons encapsulated in (almost) every interaction, every situation I find myself in!

The lessons are all magnificent and most of them blow me away in their truthfulness and magic, but the process to get there is almost every time painful, muddy, and heartbreaking – sometimes even feeling like all of my skin were being ripped off me!

I am not alone in my challenges, as I rest myself in God’s loving arms during the hard times, stretching my Faith, my Trust, and my Belief in His Love, in His help, and in His vision for me and my life.

As I cherish the Lessons so much – I would not be who I am today without them! – and as they continue to amaze me and help me grow, I wanted to dedicate a special place for them here on the blog, so this category will gather and hold them for us.

My wish is for you to find them exactly when you need them in your own life, read them, and hopefully allow them to inspire you to honor and embrace your own life lessons and experiences!

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