God’s Goodness After the Storm

Hi you guys,

today’s post is about:

  • letting you know what I’ve been up to lately
  • me keeping track of my day to day life
  • keeping myself accountable

(In this post I mention about some other posts I want to publish for you guys in the future week(s), so I want to keep myself accountable and publish what I say I’ll publish. 😉)


  • We managed to make a batch of protein balls from Deliciously Ella’s App (something similar to these, or these) to take with us on the road tomorrow. 🚗
  • 📌 (I will include this story in a post.) — We had the opportunity to win a city break via a contest and we didn’t win it. It’s (I think!) the first time in my life when I lose something like that and I am honestly not upset, not sad, because I know and trust God’s plan for me and for all people. And this is the best win for me!


  • 📌 (I will write a post about this.) — I am still speechless when thinking about what God has taught me this past week. I think I could call that a miracle! And after God’s message, the opportunity presented itself for me to look my hypocrisy right in the eye and learn the lesson she had to teach me.
  • And a day after that, I saw THIS! 💗 Reposted by Sazan from @joelosteen (You’ll see A LOT of Sazan over here, because I just LOVE her so much, and I love how beautifully she allows God to talk and write through her!)

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Read this out loud 👉🏼 I DECLARE breakthroughs are coming in my life, sudden bursts of God’s goodness. Not a trickle. Not a stream. But a flood of God’s power. A flood of healing. A flood of wisdom. A flood of favor. I am a breakthrough person and I choose to live breakthrough minded. I am expecting God to overwhelm me with His goodness and amaze me with His favor. This is my declaration. (@joelosteen 👏🏼) ———— Ugh I just love that so much. To be able to fill yourself up with faith when you’re experiencing seasons of doubt and defeat. There is so much power in the words you speak over yourself so go on and declare it. Declare those things and let it be heard. God hears you. He isn’t going to abandon you and most likely He wants to strengthen you through this as a test of faith. Anytime I’ve been tempted to quit on something I’ll tell you there was a breakthrough waiting for me right around the corner. So don’t give up. Keep pushing. Keep striving. A new week is a new opportunity to refresh our minds and spirits so let’s challenge ourselves to do this: Let’s stay focused, draw near to God and silence the troll versions of ourselves so we can conquer our mission and become the best versions of ourselves. Praying God shows you something powerful in your life this week leading you one step closer to that breakthrough! 🙏🏽 #happysunday #motivation #yougotthis #loveyouguys

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  • 📌 (I will write a post about this.) — I’ve had a major storm in my life over the past week, that came (apparently) out of nowhere. It stayed until I learned the lessons. On the night of December 5th (on Teeny’s birthday actually), I finally decided to jump – mentally and spiritually – into the unknown, and put my life and my future into God’s hands. All I had left were my Faith in Him and my Love in Him, and it seems that those two were enough for God, because He took me into His loving arms and brought me this whole new life I cannot even wrap my head around just yet.


  • While taking dance classes I don’t learn only dance steps, but life steps as well. I learn a lot about people too. My biggest challenger was my dance coach. At first, he loathed me and despised me. I felt his ignorance towards me. But lately, as we approach the end of our course, I have this weird feeling in my gut that he… maybe… likes me after all? During yesterday’s class he was being so weird, while taking me so many times to demonstrate dances to my colleagues. Looking at me differently, holding my hand differently… it’s so hard to explain, or to write about it. I don’t even understand this for myself… “Connie: I do not understand men. / Paco: You and me both, honey.(quotes from the movie Mrs. Winterbourne, 1996).
  • 📌 (I will write a post about this.) — The Universe has brought the dream school into my life, and I am currently exchanging e-mails with the Student Admissions Advisor. I can’t wait for this new adventure to begin January 2019! I am so grateful to all the Angels who worked so intensely behind the scenes, to make this happen into my life right now. 🙏 Not knowing specifically for what at the time, but I now understand that I have been preparing myself the entire year for this opportunity.


  • 📌 (I will write a post about this.) — Life’s been placing sooo many synchronicities at my feet over this incredible past week, and I am truly blown away by how hard the Angels are working behind the scenes to make all of these happen for us, on this Earthly realm! 🙏


  • I wanted to put up the tree on the night of December 5th, because here in Romania that’s the night when Saint Nicholas comes and brings gifts to children, by placing them in their freshly cleaned shoes and boots, and since I’ll forever remain a child at heart, I wanted to have the tree ready for this first special night of December, but I didn’t make it. I had the tree ready on Sunday, the 9th, and it was just as beautiful and special. 🎄🌟
  • I wanted to take out the Advent Wreath earlier this year, to have it ready for the first Sunday of December, but I didn’t succeeded that either, ’cause I didn’t find it in time for that first Sunday. I love this wreath and you actually place it on the table and it has four candles on it and you have to burn each candle on each Sunday of the month of December. I got the wreath set up on the second Sunday, the 9th, and we burned two candles for the week we skipped as well, and it was so cozy and lovely. 🕯🕯
  • 📌 (I will write a post about this.) — I haven’t got to get ready in advance as many boxes as I would have liked for the donation campaign that is happening on Sunday. I was so happy when I found out about this donation, where they will be collecting clothes and games for children this Christmas. But I will go to sleep later on Saturday night, to finish preparing everything I want to donate. I like to give away clothes that are freshly washed and smell amazing. As we will slowly begin to thing about moving out of this apartment next year (and because I had an amazing epiphany about all the games we have at home!) I have decided I want to donate now more than ever! I want children who really need them to have them, as I am letting go of material possessions I’ve been using to fill the voids in my heart.
  • 📌 (I will write a post about this.) — My mama had a lovely idea for this year: to stick to an Advent Calendar by doing activities together everyday, to spend some time together and catch up on my lost childhood, but we didn’t make it (and actually, my storm was rooted in this…) In the meantime, I understood that each day is about something else than a gift you take out of a little sack, and the whole Advent Calendar journey, it turned into something else for the both of us. 💖
  • I began splitting my activities, and it actually feels more productive to me this way! What I mean by this? For example, I used to watch an entire movie start to finish in one night (sometimes, even two movies in a row) and be super tired in the morning because I stayed up so late. What I’ve been experimenting this week is, I watched about 25 minutes of a movie one night, went to bed, and watched another half an hour the next night, and so on, until I finished the movie. Okay, it’s not the same (in terms of the whole experience of watching a movie), but I felt good having that time with myself, even if I could not afford an entire movie. It teaches me how to offer myself small bits of treats and gifts, but do it everyday. It’s so refreshing to me now, to discover that self-love does not have to be difficult, and it’s not complicated to get done. 😉
  • 📌 (Maybe I can write a post about my routine as well, if you are interested in why I stopped moving and how hard it is to start again.) — My ideal sports routine is 30 minutes cardio + 30 minutes stretching/yoga/Pilates afterwards, but for so many months now, I just couldn’t find the time to do it all like I love, so I stopped doing even parts of it. I woke up one morning with this thought in my head (from the night Angels, he he!) The idea was simple: if all you can get done in one day are 20 minutes of cardio, than do that (until you get yourself back on your feet!) And I loved that! I have 2 DVDs with something called “The Walk Diet” by Leslie Sansone, and I absolutely love it! I can do it by my own, in my own home, and I don’t need nothing fancy for it, just running shoes and a little bit of space on the floor. Basically, all you have to do is walk in place, in your own home (her YouTube channel is also filled with amazing videos and she’s so much fun!) The first DVD I’ve got is for 20 minutes and the second is about 30-35 minutes. The idea I received was to make the first DVD everyday, if that’s all I could squeeze in, but just do it and get it done every single day! I’m so happy to say that I started on Monday and I am already on day 4 of doing the whole 20 minutes of miles at home! I do miss my stretching A LOT, but at the end of every day I am happy to have moved my body, and this is a great mindset to have when wanting to get back on track with our movement! It’s not everything I want for my body, but it’s such a great start!


  • 📌 (I will write a post about this.) — We are traveling to Sibiu tomorrow for the Christmas Market, and I am so happy about it! I also absolutely looove to pack our suitcase and luggage, and to prepare snacks for the road! 😍 Hopefully, I will launch my Instagram profile during this trip, with pictures and Insta stories from beautiful Sibiu.

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