This Christmas’ Magic

Hi guys! This morning I posted on Instagram the shorter version of what happened, but throughout the day the feeling sunk in, and I felt more and more that I wasn't doing any justice to this event by telling it on short. So, I am being guided to write to you the entire story here [...]

Blue Eyes

I've been having rich dreams for as long as I can remember and lately they became even more interesting and beautiful, so my mama suggested I write them down on the blog, 'cause who knows? Maybe there's a purpose to all of this. I decided to name this dream "Blue Eyes", because the memory of [...]

This New Chapter of Life

This New Chapter of Life

Dear readers, today I begin writing my story, for you to get to know me better. And because I am currently experiencing a very exciting new adventure, this is where my writing journey starts. I am given the opportunity to go back home to City #2 to create and manifest a new life for me [...]